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Triyom Realty

World Trade Center, Surat – India

As the Brand Manager for Triyom Realty, my role encompassed the strategic development and execution of the company’s brand identity. This involved conducting market research, defining brand positioning, overseeing logo and visual identity design, managing digital and traditional marketing efforts, and ensuring brand consistency across all communication channels. My goal was to elevate Triyom Realty’s presence in the real estate sector, foster brand loyalty among customers, and drive business growth through effective brand management.

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Graphic Design

Website Development

Social media Management

“Hector as Brand Manager at Triyom Realty played a pivotal role in elevating our brand presence and achieving remarkable growth.”

Triyom Realty, a prominent player in the real estate industry, embarked on a strategic venture by launching three premium residential projects in Surat. This case study outlines the successful execution of these projects and their impact on the local real estate market.

In a competitive real estate landscape, Triyom Realty faced the challenge of standing out and attracting discerning homebuyers in Surat. The aim was not only to develop high-quality residential properties but also to establish a strong brand presence in the city.

Triyom Realty’s approach was multifaceted. They meticulously designed each project with a focus on modern amenities, spacious layouts, and aesthetic appeal. Simultaneously, they invested in a comprehensive marketing strategy, which included online and offline campaigns, social media promotions, and a strong digital presence.

The construction and development of the three premium residential projects were executed with precision, ensuring top-notch quality and adherence to timelines. The marketing efforts highlighted the unique selling points of each project, emphasizing their strategic locations, luxurious features, and value for money.

Triyom Realty’s strategic approach bore fruit as all three projects garnered significant attention and witnessed impressive sales figures. The company’s brand equity in Surat also experienced a considerable boost, with many satisfied homeowners now proudly associating themselves with the Triyom brand.

Triyom Realty’s foray into the premium residential market in Surat stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence. By delivering high-quality projects and employing a comprehensive marketing strategy, they not only met the challenges but also emerged as a strong contender in the local real estate scene. This case study illustrates the successful execution of their vision and the positive impact it had on both the company and the city of Surat.

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