You might have noticed that we work a little differently to most clothing companies. For one, we are way more obsessed with floral patterns than we reasonably should be. Also, each of our collections is made up of products that have a mix of selling conditions – some are staples, some are Limited, some are 7 Day Unlimited and mostly are “made on demand only”. Here’s a little breakdown of what each of those terms means for you:


These are the pieces that will always be there for you, like that one friend who brings freshly baked cupcakes right when you need them most. When an Essential piece is sold out, we will restock it at some point in the future, and it will usually continue to be restocked for several months at a minimum. You can sign up to get restock notifications on these products – just go to the product page, select your size in the drop down menu and follow the steps from there. You can also check out all our current Essential products here!

From time to time we do need to say goodbye to staple products to make way for new exciting gear. We’ll usually drop a ‘Limited List’ on Facebook to let you know which staple pieces are leaving the building, to much fanfare and a thousand-flowers salute.

7 Day Unlimited

7 Day Unlimited presale pieces are guaranteed to be available for a whole week after they have been released. That’s right, if you shop ’em in those seven days, they are all yours, and we’ll start making them just for you. At the end of that seven-day period, any remaining stock will become ‘Limited’ (but this doesn’t happen very often – as most 7 Day items are made after you order!). Remember to check the item’s product description for the expected shipping date!

* Please note: If you buy other gear in the same order as your 7 Day Unlimited piece, your entire order will be put on hold until your 7 Day Unlimited item is ready to ship.


Limited products are here for a good time, not a long time. We only have a certain number of these pieces available when they go up for sale and once they are gone, we don’t plan to restock (although we do occasionally bring back gear if the peeps demand it and if we are able, so feel free to post about how much you want it on our social media pages!).

Sometimes, our Limited gear will be available as a presale only. This means that it won’t be immediately available in our warehouse at the time you buy it, and will be sent to you once it’s ready to go. Be sure to check the product descriptions for shipping dates on presale gear!

* Please note: If you buy other gear in the same order as a presale piece, your entire order will be put on hold until your presale item is ready to ship.

Fun Times Friday (FTF)

Fun Times Friday is just as fun as it sounds! It’s a little drop of special items that go live on a Friday. Sometimes they are available for the whole weekend, sometimes they are only available until they sell out – either way, you’re gonna find some must-haves in these drops!

* Please note: If you bought other gear in the same order as your FTF piece, your entire order will be put on hold until your FTF item is ready to ship.

Made on Order (Customized)

These products are always made on order and have a framework in place. Once you place an order, you will get a reconfirmation mail within 24 hours and you will have another 24 hours to confirm the order or cancel it. Once you are out of that 28 hours cooling off period, order is processed and there is no cancellation, refund or return on the order unless you get a wrong product, wrong customization or a product with manufacturing fault. Of course, it may seem little bit rude but this is very little price to pay to get something that is unique and only made for you. You are that special for us.